Class Descriptions


This FREE 30 minute class is designed to get you acquainted with everything RIDE. We start with a quick studio tour, detailed bike set-up, and a lesson on the consoles and metrics. We then take a 10-15 minute ride discussing proper form and correct usage of the gears to make sure that the next time you visit you are #readytoRIDE!


A 45 minute, high-intensity indoor cycling workout set to exhilarating beats! Each instructor will share their own unique blend of motivation, inspiration and perspiration while leveraging the power of the Echelon 2 consoles to help you achieve the results you're looking for.

RIDE45 Stats

Everything from your favorite RIDE45 + Metrics!

*Metrics rides display real-time performance tracking on the big screens at the front of the room. (You can always opt out of inclusion on the display, if you only want to compete with yourself)


Want a little more RIDE?

Everything from your favorite RIDE45 + an extra 15 minutes to take it up a notch!

RIDE30 Express

A shorter express version of our RIDE45. Includes an optional 15 minutes of core conditioning on the mats immediately following class!

RIDE30 Low-Impact

A shorter and less intense version of our RIDE45. Our skilled teachers will offer variations that will accommodate both beginner and advanced riders. You decide what's right for you today! Class includes an optional 15 minutes of deep stretching on the mats immediately following class.

RIDE45 Rhythm

Close your eyes - feel the beat! Consoles are still on but not lit up or discussed during the ride... (You still receive your stats email)

FREE Community RIde

Come and take a class on us and meet our newest RIDE rockstars!